Who Are We?

Frommer Boots is a high quality - low quantity outfit. We have been making western (cowboy) boots for over twenty years. We are "bespoke" bootmakers. This means custom in the fullest sense. Only the finest leathers, imported and domestic, go into the making of a pair of Frommer Boots. The construction techniques are those which have traditionally given the best wear and the longest life to the boots. The attention given to detail, as well as color coordination and other artistic considerations, put these boots in a class by themselves.

D.W. is an internationally recognized author of several books on the art of bootmaking. He has won a number of prestigious awards and has taken top honors in every guild prizework competition that he has ever entered...including "Best of Show" and "Bootmaker of the Year." Frommer Boots are on permanent display at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles and at the time of its opening D.W. was the only custom bootmaker in the United States commissioned to make boots for the museum. Frommer Boots have been displayed at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City -- in the show A Century of Western Fashion -- and, again, D.W. was the only contemporary bootmaker asked to contribute.

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for more information contact: D.W. Frommer II -- Bootmaker