Who are we?

We have been making western (cowboy) boots for over thirty years. We have had boots displayed by the Cowboy Hall of Fame and have boots on permanent exhibition at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles. D.W. is the author of three books -- full tutorials, really -- covering the construction of different styles of western boots. The first of those books, Western Bootmaking:An American Tradition, has also been made into a 27 hour instructional video.

In recent years, D.W. has belonged to several guilds of shoe/bootmakers. In contests sponsored by these organizations, he has won every finished work contest that he has entered, including "Best of Show," and "Bootmaker of the Year."

Because we recognize an obligation to the past and to past masters, we offer beginning and advanced courses in bootmaking. Because we know that the recognized standards for quality and refinement in boot and shoemaking were set in an era before plastics and mass manufacturing, we emphasize the time-honored skills which were the foundations of those standards.

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