Here are a few boot and shoemaking links. Hopefully this list will get a bit longer as time goes by.

D.W. Frommer II -- Bootmaker Now open!!... Information about Custom Made Boots,ordering, etc. -- more photgraphs, and more coming!

Honourable Cordwainer's Company....This the official web site for information regarding membeship in the HCC -- a guild of shoemakers, bootmakers, harnessmakers and other allied trades. A fine organization and a great source of information.

Footwear of the Middle interesting and detailed overview of construction techniques for recreating medieval footwear

Reflections On Polished Leather... A well documented and annotated history of the cowboy boot. Corroborating photographs and a bibliography of sources.

HP Bookfinders....May be able to locate some of the rare books.

ShoeInfoNet....Compendium of many shoe related subjects

Shoes On the Net... A large and diverse collection of shoe related links, resources, topics and even an online magazine.

Italian Leather & Leather Directory....tannery and shoes

Montana Pitchblend... Manufactures premium, all-natural leather conditioners for footwear, tack, other leather goods.

Global Footwear Solutions ...Bill Tippet -- Global Footwear Solutions....Excellent source of custom lasts, no order too small. Made-to-order and stock sizes

Tim Skyrme's website ...Learn to make shoes by hand--Bespoke Shoemaking: A Comprehensive Guide To Handmade Footwear an instructional book by Tim Syrme

Useful Manuals...Here you'll find pdf's of operator's manuals for sewing machines and other boot/shoemaking equipment.

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