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There are three webpages related to bootmaking and shoemaking located at bootmaker.com. Click the lkinks below to access these pages.

Two of these pages are commercially oriented: The first is devoted to the D.W. Frommer II School of Western Bootmaking. We offer three week basic and advanced seminars in traditional custom bootmaking techniques, as well as written and video tutorials.

The second serves as an online catalog for D.W. Frommer II--Bootmaker, Custom Made Western Boots. Here you can preview styles and get information about construction techniques and ordering procedures.

The third is devoted to the The Honourable Cordwainers' Company --a non-profit, educational, Trade guild of bootmakers, shoemakers, cordwainers, and allied trades. A wonderful resource for historical information, insights into techniques, materials and contacts within the Trade.

D.W. Frommer II School of Western Bootmaking--Three week seminars in traditional bootmaking techniques. Instructional books on making the classic western boot, the lace-up western boot, and the two-piece Full Wellington. Instructional video on DVD also available.

D.W. Frommer II-- Bootmaker, Custom Made Western Boots--Work, Dress, and Show. All traditonal techniques...no plastic, no paper, no nails.

The Honourable Cordwainers' Company--A Trade Guild of bootmakers, shoemakers, cordwainers and scholars.

The Crispin Colloquy--a web-based discussion forum for boot and shoemaking topics.